Ain’t no party like an A.X.E. New Fears Eve party!

Ok so maybe ya blew it….

Maybe you missed the Halloween Party @ the Block House? Or, just maybe you was one of the lucky 130 people that made it and had a fucking blast? If you made it to the Halloween Show, hell yeah, you already know how much fun that was and we thank you for coming out. We don’t even need to tell you loyal Creeps how much fun the Holiday Horror Show will be this Thursday, because you already know. What you don’t know is this show is going to be better!

For those of you that couldn’t make it due to other “obligations”, here’s your last chance to see the A.X.E. live and directly in your face for the last time in 2015. Don’t make the mistake you made last time, we are giving away more stuff and dropping sick tracks off the Head of Horns album all night. Joining us once again is our homies Raw Word Revival, Dieabolik, and many more!!!

Put your horns and cups up one last time for 2015! This Thursday Creeps!!!