What up fluffernuts? Its ya boy Gunnar “tha Stunna” Handsome back once again with some steaming hot brand new shit for your face. First of all, thank you to the Xuligans near and far and wherever the fuck you are! You mufuckers have shown us so much love and support over the past year and have pushed this movement to the next level. We cant say it enough…we fuckin love yall and are honored to have you rockin with us and comprising the Xuligan Army. 2018 we are taking over the fuckin world and that is because of you!
If you have come out to a show over the past few months…an extra special thank you. We love seeing yall in person and seeing you at shows lets the underground know the Xuligans are a force to be reckoned with. This year has been incredible for us and the love has been overwhelming. Thank you from the bottom of our cold, black hearts.

Axemas 2017 is just around the corner. December 22nd at Thompson House in Newport Kentucky. Come out and get jolly as fuck as Xuligans from around the country come to jingle balls and deck the halls and shit with the Almighty Alla Xul Elu. Rumor has it Billy Obey will be higher than Rudolph and Joey Black will be wearing nothing but a Condom and a Mistletoe. Tickets for that are available at Ticketweb.com. Featuring performances by Super Famous Fun Time Guys, Spaz Nasty, Soldiers of Fortune, Majik Duce, and more. Don’t miss out of end up on Santas bad list and get fisted while you sleep on Xmas eve.

If you haven’t done so already…hit up Xulmart. We’ve recently stocked a ton of new merchandise for you to blow your paychecks on. New Tees, Masks, patches, hat pins, Fuckin Xul sex dolls, you name it we’ve got it. Remember, every purchase you make feeds a hungry Joe Black and keeps Billy in Snack cakes and Vaseline.

As we close out the year we look toward the future with excitement. 2018 has many surprises in store for the Xuligans and will be a big year for Alla Xul Elu. Thank you for rollin with us and letting us represent you mufuckers! I leave you with this special bit of advice for the holiday season…No matter how good it looks… no matter how many glasses of eggnog you’ve had…Do not fuck that turkey… until it is fully cooked!