Got J? What about blunts? BLUNTS AND BREW 2!

It’s not J’s my dudes it’s BLUNTS AND BREW 2 with Alla Xul Elu. That’s right kiddo’s, “Blunts and Brew part 2” will be going down at the Gathering of the Juggalos. Did you miss out last year? No need to fret, sure you missed out on a good time, but this year is going to be way better in every way. We have a NIGHT stage and we’re setting up to make it a one for the books! Don’t forget, 1:30 a.m. on Thursday night, when everyone is partying, ALLA XUL ELU, BLUNTS AND BREW 2. There will be a special appearance by the one and only Bonez Dubb (of Axe Murda Boys and Canonize Records), as he joins A.X.E. on stage to perform a special remix of the Sci Co Volume 1 banger “In The Trunk” only at BLUNTS AND BREW 2 with Alla Xul Elu!
There will be blunts, there will be brew. There will be free soda and water. Killer music and mother fucking FAYGO DOGS! Never had a faygo dog? Here’s your chance to get one for free. The goodies are handed out all during the performance so you’re going to want to stay until the end! While we should have enough for everyone, once it’s gone it’s gone.
Get there by 1:25am and be ready to mosh and party with the wickedest fucks on the planet. And don’t forget! BLUNTS AND BREWS 2 with ALLA XUL ELU! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS PERFORMANCE!!!!