H.O.H pushed back to February 1st

Well, here it is.  Here’s the post you knew was coming.  Alla Xul Elu is calling it quits.  As many of you know, the masked duo have a strange addiction to dirty whores and dirtier needles and it finally caught up with us.  Joe got aides, puked in his sleep and died. I didn’t really want to comment on the situation but all STD’s and jokes aside, Joe is really dead and I’ve never been happier.

Head of Horns is alive and is still coming for your auditory cortex.  But as we polish the album it’s been decided February 1st is a better release date to make sure the H.O.H. is not only going to be sweet enough to lullaby you to sleep (while driving on the freeway), but also sexy enough for you to shit your undergarments.

In all seriousness, we sincerely apologize to those of you that have been patiently waiting for the album to drop…

….but don’t get out your torches and pitch forks just yet…

Save the riots for Ferguson because during the entire month of January we are going to hit you with a little something several times a week (maybe more often than that!) just to keep you cock teased, during the long…hard… wait.

Horns up.