Letters from Joe Black

Wassup muthafuckas? It’s the utmost unholy Joey Crowley Black, taking time away from my busy schedule of eating cigarettes, and Counting the hairs on the sides of my dick, To bring you, yeah you! Our loyal followers (Which I might add we have millions of) A few updates and tidbits of news. First off, the store has been updated so fucking buy something! Also quit mailing us layered gum, I’ve been farting bubbles for two Weeks! But for the record food stamps are accepted. On another note make sure you Subscribe to our youtube channel @suckmyvid because we are about to unleash a slew of nonsensical videos to distract you from the fact that you suck at life! Well that’s it for now but I will be back to slap that ass with news soon enough, so until next time! And remember kids eat your candy, spit out your vegetables, unless you’re a bitch ass fruit, Seacrest out!