ABK Show and Special Message from Morgan Freeman

Check the shows section for full details about the Date with a Killa Show with ABK and how you can get a sweaty lapdance from Joe Black. Mhmm, don’t ya want some sweaty ball sack all over your face? Mhmmm

Then after you wash your lips and pluck the crusty pubes off your face, if you haven’t heard it yet, peep the last free track to be released from Head of Horns. Mark my words, when you listen to “Letters from Hell” after listening to “Sold My Soul” (the yet to be released banger from HOH), you’ll think back to this moment…


Back to the moment when I was in your ear with the Morgan Freeman voice… Now I want you to imagine I’m Morgan Freeman. You doing it? Good! I knew I could count on you! You always were a good listener and a better follower. Now that I’m playing games with your noggin, here’s what you need to do, friend. Go on over to the shows section. Now don’t get all huffy and complain, now dammit get yer ass on over there. Check out all those words of wisdom your buddy Johnny Loggins left for you. Then treat yourself. Where else would you go to do that other than the music section? My personal fav is Paper Mache. But you are your own person. And you’ll find your own way. Whatever you choose is fine. Until next time folks, don’t’ forget to go fuck yourself.

-Morgan Freeman.


Fuck Ovaltine.