What’s up cock smoochers and bean flickers? We got some news for your face!

Alla Xul Elu is growing again as you may have heard. Some of you may know this cat as Dieabolik the Monster.

We’ve known Dieabolik since he was a wee little baby. His poor mother had steel injected into her uterus like Wolverine with the adamantium skeleton just so conception was possible, back when his father (Son of Sam or David Berkowitz) impregnated his mother Aileen Wuorno’s (The Florida Highway Killer). This crazy fuck is now part of the new horror.

If you didn’t know, Dieabolik the Monster at one time was a member of Maniaxe, A.X.E.’s first group. That’s a little education for the uninitiated.

If you haven’t seen Dieabolik live with A.X.E. you’re truly missing blood pumping energy. Peep him on Sci Co Volume 1 and expect to see much more of his trademark style on upcoming albums, and if you ain’t down with that… you should try suicide.