News dump – 1/17/16

What’s new over at

New downloadable ‘Sci Co Volume 1’ tracks added to our Soundcloud! Click here to get your pirate game on you snaggle toothed sum-bitch!

Madchild of Battleaxe Warriors went to Hell and back with Alla Xul Elu on the track “Burning.” They dethroned Satan and left that abyss without a leader. Demon uprising inbound. Head over our soundcloud right now to hear this track and many others from Sci Co Volume 1. If you dig it pick up the physical copy to support our movement ya fuck boy! You don’t have to, but if you don’t… you’re a piece a shit.

A few new pics have been added to the photo section if you’re into that sort of thing. Make yourself a wallpaper for your phone or desktop. Photoshop yourself in suggestive positions with us if you want, get freaky with it you dirty little slut.

New A.X.E. and Horror Head goodies added to the shop. Head of Horns has been restocked (finally), we got some new horror movie icon stickers, Freddy and Good Guy shit, new posters, banners, the works… you can even get your very own Alla Xul Elu “Forever Face” latex mask. Fuck yeah!


Lastly, your big homie Joe Black has been giving away free merch ALL month, so add Joe Black as your best virtual Beezlebub and watch social media for your chance to win some dope Horror Head and A.X.E. goodies!

That’s all for this one folks!