Dieabolik leaves A.X.E. and Necronomichron news

***Necrooooo*** — As you may or may not have heard on 1-740-Sin-Evil, Necronomichron has been pushed back until later this summer. Before you give us shit just eat a Prozac sandwhich and listen… did you really expect this to be dropped on time? It’s the NecronomiCHRON, the blunted book of the dead! Can’t make a crazy stoner/dubstep/horror LP without getting stoned as fuck first right? Well, A.X.E. pretty much locked themselves in the studio with untold volumes of weed and a bucket full of dabs with every intention of bringing you the DOPEST album yet (to be released on April 20th AKA 4:20)! But who would’ve thought smoking your weight in bud every day can hit you right in the motivation….and memory… “what the fuck were we doing?” “Aren’t we supposed to be doing something productive today?” “Am I God?” “How come our nose runs but our feet smell?” Many questions, few answers… yeah. Necro’s going to be dope… just get naked and please bare with us. It’s coming, like more sexual innuendos…………. penis.

***8 Bit ringtones and other free music*** All of our currently released free track are available for download on our soundcloud. You can download them by clicking the download buttons on the music player page so check that out. Slowly but surely all of these tracks will begin to be downloadable directly from our music section here on our website.

***Dieabolik is out of A.X.E.*** There is little good to say about this. On numerous occasions over the years Die asked to be part of our group We had reservations about letting this happen knowing Die’s track record for not following through on commitments. After some thought we decided to let him in since we felt a certain passion when Die talked about A.X.E. and the future of the group. Unfortunately we couldn’t even get him to return calls or texts let alone show up to the studio or for rehearsal. We tried working with him but he randomly decided to leave the group shortly after Die was given the “get your shit together” talk. It’s a fucked situation but things happen for a reason and we are stronger than ever.

Other than that shitty shit, check back soon for some huge news! Oh, did I mention we have a new music video? Check that shit out hommmayyyy.