Roster Change (New Member Added)

Out with the old, in with the new.. kinda like eating after taking a shit.

Wassup, you filthy flesh-bags? It’s the one and only, utmost unholy, moldy and fat, Joey ‘crowley’ Black.. Dropping in with some quick shit for that ass, like diarrhea.

First off, let me address the Zach Religious issue; I’ma just get straight to the point… He was just too fucking skinny, and no matter how much we fed and watered him he just wouldn’t grow, plus he smelled good and fuck that– Which leads me to my next topic; the updated rooster!, I mean roster. I apologize, but goddamnit, I’m hungry! Long story short, I lost a bet and I have to eat a cock-meat sandwich, so I bought a rooster, now I have to somehow turn him into a sandwich.

Anyway, back to the fucking roster!!! We have changed shape once again; one head was cut off, another has grown in it’s place, only darker and more vicious. This metaphorical head in which I speak of is named…. Lee… Lee Carver. Lee is our third cousin, 4-times removed, much like the tumor growing on his neck. Legend has it that Lee was conceived in a backwoods occult ceremonial, cemetery sex ritual, full of strange drugs and worship of olde gods. But all we know for sure is that he’s ugly, fat, and can rap.. so he fits in just fine. The dreaded ‘Necronomichron’ is just about rolled up and ready to smoke… it will be released upon unsuspecting stoners everywhere, after a few more finishing touches are applied.. like a hand job fatality.

That about wraps up this little update. And remember kids, drugs are bad… -Fuckin ass! So never smoke crack… Without your pope hat!!

Long Live Evil -Joe Black