Sci Co release, HORROR HEAD, and Free Halloween EP

A.X.E.’s next album SCI CO
is jam packed with 80 minutes of dope ass tracks featuring collabs out the ass with sick features including Mastamind, Mad Child, Geno Cultshit of Dark Half, Diary of a Bullet, Dieabolik the Monster, Just Dave, Scrub King, and Hex of L.U. Cipha.
You can get this album ABSOLUTELY FREE! 1 track per week will be released all free so grab em up with your long ass weirdo nipples while you can. So put your wallet away and get your fingers out of your coin purse. That is of course, unless you want a hard copy! The only way to cop a hard copy though is to scoop up a limited edition merch bundle made specifically for Sci Co. More details on that coming soon.

You down with pop horror shit? Do you fantasize about threeways with Freddy Kruger and Jason Vorhees? Then this is good news for you…
An all new Horror merch brand is here. Do you blaze blunts while exploring Pandora’s Box? Then grab you a Shellblazer T or hoodie at our webstore. Do you live? I mean do you really? Live..? Didn’t get the reference? Oh you did? Then peep the new horror stickers (just OBEY!). More items coming soon so keep your eyes peeled and full of maggots ya creepy fuckya.

Not only are you getting Sci Co for free this October but A.X.E. is also releasing a Halloween EP. That’s right, a full length album and a 3 track EP absolutely free!

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