New album & Show updates!

Wassup fellow xuligans? It’s ya homie Joey 13lack here to drop you a few turd nuggets of information.

First off the highly anticipated, intoxicated, and long-awaited, dreaded ‘Necronomichron’ is about to be unleashed upon your eardrums. This album is a lil something different for you xuligans, this album is for the smokers, and evil dead fans alike. It will be available for your purchasing pleasure on April 20th, 2017, so prepare to fucking die! Umm I mean get high!.

In other news, show news- to be exact you nosey bitch! you can catch your blasphemous bros opening for TWIZTID! On February 17th at the Marietta Billiards Club in Marietta, Georgia… Along with Gmo Skee, Lex the Hex Master, the Roc, and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. Along with a slew of other dope opening-acts such as the super fucking fresh Outland Camp! And this will be a Freektastless show. Next up we will be destroying the memorial building in Jackson, Ohio with WiseOne on Saturday February 25th. Then we will be returning to the muthafucking wicked Wisco once again, for the Voodoo Dolls and Dabs tour/Riddles from Higher Power birthday bash, in which we will be gracing the stage with Razakel, Damien Quinn, Insane Poetry, the Gods of Kaoz ,Magic Duece, #bptf, Higher Power, Nsoa, and Razor!

That about wraps up this burrito of assorted news. I’ll catch you xuligans on the flip side! Nevermind, no I won’t.. I can’t jump because I’m a fat cripple. Joey 13lack out.