Special message from Joe Black!

Greetings bags of blood and shit, it’s the utmost unholy Joey Crowley black in the pale pasty flesh, smacking that ass with some updates and cupcakes muthafucka! First off I wanna say thanks for all your support and purchases of our merchases. Thanks to you I can now eat 5 whole packs of cigarettes a day! If you’re wondering why I said eat, well Billy Obey and the rest of the Longliveevil camp said I had to quit smoking and get in shape so no more smoking and laying in my casket all day devouring zebra cakes and playing leisure suit larry, instead from here on out I’m eating nothing but cigarettes and instead of laying around all day I’m going to lean my casket against the wall and sleep like the fucking coneheads.

I’m also cutting water out of my diet completely and will drink nothing but my own saliva BOOM! Health kick to the balls, so without any further adoo’s on to the news:
Sci Co Volume 1 is available now, 22 tracks of pure sensual seductive sweet sweaty ear sex! With special guests Mastamind from Natas, Mad child, Geno Cultshit from Dark Half (R.I.P.) and the homie Diabolik the Monster, and many more. And it’s only available here at www.longliveevil.com.

Also we will be invading our hometown once again for our annual Halloween extravaganza.
There will be blood, there will be contests and prizes not to mention there will be Raw Word Revival, Alla Xul Elu, and Dieabolik the Monster along with Diary of a Bullet. Also do not forget about the hotline mutha fucka you can access it by dialing 740_S-I-N – E-V-I-L and make sure to leave a message saying how much you love us cuz we know you do! That’s all for now

I got some cigarettes to eat, don’t forget to spit out your vitamins and say fuck you to vegetables unless you’re a bitch ass fruit,

Yours truly, the dark prince of pudding pops,

Joey Black