UPStival & the GOTJ!

What up y’all, its ya boy Gunnar Handsome back with some juicy nuggets for you to munch on. In just a little over a week we will be balls deep in Gettysburg Pennsylvania for the third annual UPStival! The entire UPS roster will be there rocking it with The Almighty Alla Xul Elu. Come on down and peep the shows, talk to some inebriated bitches, and get so drunk you end up naked in jail with no memory of how you got there! Head on over to to cop your Premium Bundle which includes A T-Shirt, Shot glass, Full color cup,lanyard, posters, admission, parking, and your MOTHERFUCKIN BEER PASS!! This pass grants you unlimited beer all day long from 9:00am til 9:30pm. Holy fuck that’s a lot of booze. Come for the shows, stay for your court date. This all goes down June 3rd at Moose park in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Show up,show out, and pass out in the woods somewhere!

If you cant make it out to UPStival, don’t fret fatboy. We will also be bringing the blasphemy to this years Gathering of the Juggalos! Thats right Xuligans, we will be putting it down and tearing it up for y’all mufuckas live on stage at this years GOTJ. Thats going down July 26th-29th at the Lost lakes Amphitheater in Oklahoma city Oklahoma. Check back often for specific time and dates as well as the other freshness we will be bringing. You know how we do, and if not…fuck you its the Alla Xul Elu.

Be sure to hit us up on Facebook for live updates, contests, and all sorts of good shit from your favorite fat bodies. Keep checking back here for gathering updates as well as some more sick news we cant wait to drop on your face. Until next time… never attempt a home circumcision, and always remember to work the clitoris.
Long Live Evil!
-Gunnar Handsome