Valentines weekend means sexy parties?

It’s a valentines weekend murder fest and you’re invited.

Detroit and Columbus may be home to the most competitive rival college football teams ever, but this Valentines Day weekend love very well be in the air, at least within the two states. A.X.E. will be in the home of the national champs on February 14th. Where will they be playing? At a fucking Bagel and Deli! No, I’m not shitting you. Bernie’s Bagels and Deli is seriously the venue. What better place to belt out evil melodies about the cemetery but in front of a row of hot (fresh) delicious bagels and sandwiches. Security and disapproving stares provided by the Columbus Police Department. Actually, the place is a bar, but the name of the venue really is Bernie’s Bagels and Deli. (On a side note if anyone knows of an actual donut/bagel shop willing to host us (and let us make it rain scrumptious creme filled pastries on the crowd) we’ll book the show and call it the “Death Murder of Pastry Party-Time with Fun Extravaganzas of GO GO Power Milk!!!!”……show. Better believe we’ll get Glaze Ya Dead Donut on the bill.

The second part of the sexy weekend of bloody death and booty shaking will take place near Detroit with the infamous Anybody Killa. Mr. Killa has assured me personally that the residents of the murder capital will go against tradition for one day only (Feb 15th) and NOT be burning down abandoned houses and cars made in the 90’s.

Check the shows section for full details for both shows.

-Johnny Loggins.