What’s new with the Xul?

What up Xuligans. It’s your boy Gunnar Handsome with an update for that big beautiful ass. Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you recently emerged from a coma then you know The Necronomichron is out and available for purchase from the LLE webstore, iTunes, Google play, Amazon mp3, and also available on Spotify. If you haven’t heard it yet, you’re slacking hard. Roll yourself a couple boomsticks, bump the album and get your brain smoked like crack rock in a Ohio hotel room. The album is 9 tracks of that dope shit you’ve come to know and love from your favorite fat guys in masks. Cop the digital if you can’t wait, or be patient and get the sick ass digipac physical edition with artwork by the one and only Mr. 8 legz. However you do it, just do it.

The almighty Alla Xul Elu, Lo key, and Madd Maxxx will be coming to your town on THE SUMMONING UNDERGROUND TOUR. You really don’t want to miss this tour otherwise you’ll be known as a dickbutt among all your homies and you’ll never live it down. Take your soda bottles up to the store, work your corner,or whatever you gotta do to get you a ticket so you can stick it….errr i mean kick it with the homies on tour. Show up and represent or be a dickbutt and dont. Ultimately the choice is yours, but you don’t wanna be known as a dickbutt. Do ya?

Pre-orders are going live for OG forever face and OG forever face oversize print T-shirts Wednesday May 10th. Don’t sleep on these, get you one or two and front like an og. Buy a couple dozen and hand them out at church on Sunday. The power of XUL compels you. Be sure to check the web store and dont miss out on the pre-order or you will forever regret that shit.

That’s all I got for you today, but I’ll be bringing you the News regularly so be sure to check back often or you’ll miss out on all the dope shit going on with the almighty. Be sure to hit up the official Alla Xul Elu Facebook page as well as the official street team page for even more xul News and live updates. Remember kids… never rub your dick on a cactus, and never wipe back to front.
-Gunnar Handsome